Closed Course Training for 12 - 16 year olds

ONLY $50

Must be 4'10" tall


Volcanoes Stadium

6700 Field of Dreams Way
Keizer, OR. 97303

ODEC Edge Classes


Has your child ever wanted to learn to drive, only to be told that they are too young? Or maybe they dont yet have their permit? Well those days are over! For the first time ever, ODEC is here with the chance for students to drive with our Early Driving Guided Experience (EDGE). While we cannot yet take students out on the main roads, we can provide them a safe environment, on a closed course, with professional training, and no permits required!

How EDGE works: Sign your 12-16-year-old student up online (height requirements of 4 10). The week before the closed course, students will receive access to 1 hour of online training that will prep students for the main event. On the day of the event, students will meet at the Volcanoes Stadium in Keizer. The on-road course is 4 hours long, where students will get the chance to experience 8 different stations which include learning the basics of steering, turning, scanning, and so much more!

EDGEs mission is to get students excited about driver education before they have their permit. And as an added bonus, every student that completes the EDGE program will receive $25 off of any ODOT approved course provided by ODEC!

Terms & Conditions